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  • We have worked with Pinnacle Consulting and Bud Wrenn through multiple, multi-day sessions, focusing on critical topics such as team health (using "The Five Dysfunctions" as a framework), building deeper trust, and driving performance as a senior leadership team. Bud has helped us to enhance our capabilities to lead our fast-growing company to the next level and stay focused on critical areas. I am certain that this has strengthened our team and helped illuminate new opportunities for us. I strongly recommend Pinnacle and Bud, a strong professional with an effective communication style, great command of the material, and the experience to help us make it impactful in our context.

    Brendan Morrissey
    Netsertive Digital Marketing

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Pinnacle’s offerings around congregational and organizational health and planning are radically transforming churches and non-profits into high functioning organizations.

1 to 2 Day Congregational Leadership Planning Workshop
Based on principles from the book ‘Innovative Planning: Your Church in 4-D’, this workshop gives organizations and teams a jump start on developing a contextualized and systematic planning process for their own congregation.

The workshop will bring clarity around the congregation’s vision, and will foster real ownership of the members, as they become productive in the establishment of concrete, meaningful organizational plans. Simulated Planning Workshop Segments will help churches develop real organizational alignment, assisting participants in the establishment of missional, strategic and tactical initiatives.

One-day or Two-day Off Sites
Again, principles of healthy organizations cut across businesses and churches. There is, in this event, more of a focus on how to build healthy teams in a volunteer culture. This off site, based on the model developed by The Table Group, and based on content of Lencioni’s very successful books on organizational health, the 2-day off-site is geared toward driving church leadership teams to greater levels of organizational clarity among themselves and the teams they manage. The entire approach and ‘curriculum’ will be built on the learnings around the four disciplines of a healthy organization:
  • Team Cohesiveness
  • Creating organizational clarity
  • Over-communicating organizational clarity
  • Driving organizational clarity into our human systems

TEAMinar Multi-Team Workshops
This delivery model is a unique offering in which the material from the Two Day Off Site or Innovative Planning Workshop is offered in a multi-team format. Though not as in-depth as either of the above offerings, teams will engage in exercises and be exposed to tools that will help to jump start the organization. TEAMinar provides an economical means for experiencing at a broader level much of what the Two Day Off Site offers.

Leadership Coaching
Leadership coaching from the Pinnacle Group will help individual team leaders and members overcome barriers that prevent them from moving forward in the pursuit of the congregation’s goals. Coaching is especially effective as a part of a follow-up plan for the congregation.

On-Going Meeting Facilitation and Assistance
The sustainability of any congregational health initiative will be very dependent on the time the team spends together. In this regard, the quality of meetings is so critical. The conduct of team meetings should be very intentional, and the principles of the Five Dysfunctions material should be lived to the fullest in order for team meetings to help move the team, and the organization, forward.

Follow-on Consulting services will help drive into the church’s DNA the principles of organizational health and planning, and will help create the sustainability to shift the congregation’s culture.

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