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  • All of our senior staff enjoyed reading The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Bud's review of the principles and the guided discussion was very beneficial, as it resulted in several team members opening up and sharing information that had been bottled up…. Bud's discussion of our team's assessment of where we were on the Five Dysfunctions was also very revealing and identified areas where we needed more work.

    Dr. Don Martin
    Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools

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Having founded and still leading a church and a leadership development organization for pastors and non-profit leaders, Bud is uniquely qualified to serve in this sector. He understands the nuances of ‘church’ life as well as ’corporate’ life, has navigated both successfully, and today has a foot in each of these worlds.

Bud’s expertise in team building clearly augments his work around the material in his own book “Innovative Planning: Your Church in 4-D”. Chock full of material relevant to organizations of all kinds, this first work targets churches, as they are considered by many to be ‘the worst run organizations in America’.

Services will largely center on four primary objectives:

  • Moving the church from bureaucratic structures toward a culture of innovation.
  • Assessing alignment between a) what the organization says it’s about and b) what it actually does, and closing any ‘alignment gaps’.
  • Driving ownership of the organization into the hearts and minds of its’ members.
  • Helping the organization develop sustainability with regard to its’ long-term effectiveness.

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