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  • Bud has an uncanny ability to engage all participants regardless of any preconceived notions they may have regarding "another one of those things management is making us do." Whether your team is "healthy" or "dysfunctional", it will gain strength and focus from your time with Bud.

    Anita T. Vaughn
    Plaza Associates, Inc

Organizational Health

What is Organizational Health?

Potential clients ask me that all the time! It is one of those phrases that can, if we're not careful, be so broad, that it captures just about everything including the kitchen sink. Well, in my work with clients over the years, both through the Table Group and around the principles in my book Innovative Planning: Your Church in 4-D, a cohesive definition of Organizational health has taken shape. It may not be the most brief and concise statement ever created, but like terms like 'physical health' or 'emotional health', it carries a pretty broad connotation. So here is Pinnacle Consulting's definition of 'Organizational Health':

Healthy organizations are characterized by cohesive and collaborative teams whose goals are aligned with overall organizational direction. Leadership consistently communicates the organization’s direction, and employees fully understand and take ownership of that direction. Leadership and employees work to drive the principles of organizational and team health into the organization’s human and technical systems, creating a sustainable culture of continuous improvement.

Healthy organizations feature...

  • Minimal Politics
  • Minimal Confusion
  • High Morale
  • High Productivity
  • Low Turnover

Pinnacle Consulting & Coaching is passionate about helping your organization engage the two catalytic forces that drive organizations toward authentic health: Leadership team cohesiveness and Organizational clarity.

Leadership Team Cohesiveness

Teams can only be effective as they are healthy. Organizations can only be as successful as their teams are healthy. Cohesive leadership teams understand the value of openness, honesty and even conflict, in moving the team toward greater health. The cohesive team knows and understands each other, as well as their interrelationships. The power of cohesive teams gives the organization a tremendous competitive advantage.

Organizational Clarity

Successful organizations have a high level of clarity. All the stakeholders understand and embrace:

  • the organization’s purpose.
  • its vision (where it’s headed) and mission (what it does)
  • what differentiates them from their competitors.
  • the values that guide their work.
  • the strategies that enable the organization to excel.
  • the approaches that ignite the organization toward greater levels of achievement.

Pinnacle’s services will help guide your organization toward this cohesiveness and clarity.

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