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What Some Experts are Saying about Innovative Planning: Your Church in 4-D

I can’t imagine how any church wouldn’t benefit from this book. It is a thorough, well-written, and compelling overview of the challenges faced by a congregation concerning alignment, innovation, and planning, and how those challenges can be overcome.

Patrick Lencioni, president, The Table Group, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

I have needed this book for the past twenty years. What Bud Wrenn suggests has the potential to unleash and focus an extraordinary amount of power and momentum in our churches. He shows us how to take very seriously the work of leading God's church, in both practical and visionary ways.

Nancy Ortberg, author of Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands: Lessons in Non-Linear Leadership.

Like so many pastors, my training equipped me to preach, be doctrinally sound, and care for people. The gaping hole in my own education was organizational leadership. Many good pastors and good ministries have been torpedoed by poor process and planning skills. This practical book from Bud Wrenn can help leaders navigate the choppy waters of change and innovation. Bud has many years of experience down in the trenches of local ministry. His planning roadmap will benefit every leader.

Lance Witt, founder of Replenish Ministries and former executive pastor at Saddleback Church

This is a relevant, practical book with ideas that can be immediately put to use. Great stories illustrate the points, drawing the reader in. I loved it and learned some things, too!

Linda J. Miller, The Ken Blanchard Companies

Anyone can take the simple and make it complicated. Bud Wrenn is that rare pastor-leader who can take the complicated and make it simple. In this book he takes on the complicated issue of church planning and makes it so simple that even I can understand it and do it!

Nelson Searcy, Lead Pastor of The Journey Church in New York City, Author and Founder of

Innovative Planning: Your Church in 4-D is a must it outlines an exciting and innovative approach to developing a strong foundation for any organization. 4-D focuses on the organization's infrastructure, with methods and a message that are fresh. I look forward to introducing 4-D within our corporate environment.

Donna Bruno, President, Logistics Corporation

With Innovative Planning: Your Church in 4D, Bud Wrenn offers a start-to-finish primer for those ministry leaders whose native tongue is not strategy. He goes beyond theory to share some of the nuts and bolts of what has made him an effective pastor, leader and colleague. His insights are certain to help others. Easy to understand, a delight to read, and helpful at every turn, Innovative Planning is an excellent contribution to the church.

Chad Hall, Coach Approach Ministries, author of Coaching for Christian Leaders

Bud's conversational style of writing and his keen and practical insights on church planning, fueled by his realism and his strong leadership skills, have created a book that is certain to offer hope and help to readers willing to digest and embody the principles of Innovative Planning: Your Church in 4D.

Bud's use of metaphor and diagrams are powerful and memorable teaching tools for lay leaders and clergy alike. Readers will be stretched, encouraged, and helped significantly by this book! I'm certainly going to recommend it highly to all I encounter!

Edward H. Hammett, author of Spiritual Leadership in a Secular Age and Reaching People Under 40 while Keeping People over 60

Bud has taken the elements of organizational theory and skillfully applied them to the church and church leadership. While the concepts of business and church may sometimes seem far apart, the 4D process provides good guiding principles for the 'business of church.

Pat Flippin, Vice-President & Chief Operation Officer, Kingsdown Corporation.

Many books that I read have a shelf life of about three to five years. They give valuable information and knowledge only to be replaced by the next book that comes along. Innovative Planning: Your Church in 4-D is a different kind book. Written by a quality leader, Bud provides practical knowledge of principles that transcends every context with dynamics that are timeless. I would encourage you to buy this book and begin living into these principles.

Rick Hughes, senior consultant for Discipleship for NC Baptists

If you want to know best practices for planning in an innovative congregation, you should listen to the words of a successful innovative pastor. Through this book Bud Wrenn, speaking from the platform of success in innovative congregational ministry, provides proven methods for innovative approaches to planning for congregations.

George Bullard, The Columbia Partnership; Author of Every Congregation Needs a Little Conflict

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