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The Problem: Churches Are Generally the Worst-run Organizations in all of America!

Churches are generally the worst run organizations in all of America simply because they don’t plan for anything else! They simply DO NOT PLAN! Because they don’t plan to be effective, they don’t become effective! Congregations may be affected by one or more of a number of ‘planning misconceptions’

  • Many congregations are perfectly content to maintain who they have been and what they have. Planning is not necessary as they see no need for change.
  • Congregations fail to first establish the big picture, and then move toward the steps required to make the big picture come to reality.
  • Failing to see planning as a continuous, systematic process leads to a significant inability to adapt to changing demographic and environmental conditions facing the church.
  • Few churches have a sense of a corporate language with regard to planning. Different terms mean different things to different people.
  • Congregations often expect members to participate in planning, with little or no regard to how they are wired and gifted.

This book, Innovative Planning: Your Church in 4-D, is all about helping churches cut through these misconceptions, and to become the best run organizations in America!

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