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Order Innovative Planning: Your Church in 4-D

Make an investment in your own personal development and in the future of your church or business! Order your copies of Innovative Planning: Your Church in 4-D at or the on-line bookstore of your choice.

Why Do You Need This Book?

It doesn’t make much sense to try to play a game of darts without a dartboard. Darts themselves can be quite dangerous, and if aimed and thrown at the wrong targets, they can cause much damage. Many congregations are like the dart thrower. Without a planning process that gives them the proper direction, they aim, but they have no target. Even if the thrower hits where he aims, he will never know whether his target was the right one. He never knows whether he has won the game.

Because of a poor understanding of planning and the role of healthy planning in the organization, most congregations languish in the mire of bureaucracy. But great organizations - churches and businesses - pursue innovation and avoid bureaucracy at all levels. For leaders of congregations desiring to move toward greater levels of innovation, this book will be THE guide to accomplishing just that!

Experienced pastor and consultant Bud Wrenn draws on his organizational experiences to help leaders become “four-dimensional” planners. Bud wants to help your congregation develop a culture of continuous improvement, while enhancing your organization’s planning processes, and driving greater ownership among your people.

Browse through the following pages, with excerpts from this book, due out in December 2008, to see how your organization can...

  • Become more innovative
  • Generate better alignment
  • Drive greater ownership among your people
  • Become more effective at making sure the right people do the right things at the right time

"I can't imagine how any church wouldn't benefit from this book. It is a thorough, well-written and compelling overview of the challenges faced by a congregation concerning alignment, innovation and planning, and how those challenges can be overcome."

Patrick Lencioni
President, The Table Group
Best-selling author, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team