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From Pastor Rick Warren

Visionary leadership says, “We’re going to do it!” As a senior pastor, my job is to continually keep the church on track to fulfilling its purpose. That gets harder and harder the larger the church gets. So my number one responsibility is to continually clarify and communicate the vision of Saddleback Church. I’m constantly answering the questions, what are we doing? Why are we here? Where are we going? And we do that through classes, articles, slogans, symbols, in any way we can. It’s important to tell people the reason why we are here.

Proverbs says, “Without a vision the people perish.” So the difference between a dream and a vision is that a vision is a pragmatic dream. Lots of people have great dreams, but they can never get them in a concrete form where you can do something about it. A vision is a dream that can be implemented. It’s specific. Nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific.

Most churches I’ve been in have lots of talent but they don’t have a unifying vision to motivate that talent into action. It’s wasted talent just sitting on the sidelines, not being used. If you have a vision and it’s significant and it’s meaningful you will attract and motivate people.

So you may be asking, “How can we capture, communicate, and infuse the vision into the culture of our church so it influences all we do?”

In his book, Innovative Planning: Your Church in 4-D, Bud Wrenn answers that question. He shows you a systematic approach to planning that ensures all you do lines up with that vision. Any church leader can influence their church to accomplish that vision by reading this book and applying its principles.

Rick Warren
Senior Pastor, Saddleback Church

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