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Building Staying Power: Keys to a Successful Church Culture Shifts

How do we build a church organizational culture that is truly healthy and at the same time is strong enough to outlast you well into the future? A lot of it goes back to basic blocking and tackling – fundamentals of management and leadership – and lots of prayer. Your people want this! So often church leadership allows the ‘tyranny of the urgent’ to hold it captive to the present. The result is that we never get our eyes solidly on the future, and so over time, the day-to-day challenges may change, but we may never see intentional, lasting change in the very way the church operates. The long-term result is that we have the same positions, and often the same people, doing the same things. Somewhere along the line we‘ve missed out on seeing new people get engaged, and folks get into a rut. The worst part is the opportunity cost – the forward movement we forego by taking a certain course of action - associated with neglecting to focus beyond the day-to-day. Tragically, we will never realize just what that opportunity cost is!

This seminar helps church leadership develop a simultaneous focus on four critical elements of organizational health – innovation, alignment, ownership and sustainability. The four elements driven deeply into the church’s DNA will assure that your church culture will foster an atmosphere of continuous improvement.

Pointing Everyone in the Right Direction: Establishing Alignment with your Vision

Most churches never figure out what is really important for them to do. They rarely take the time to assess their unique identity, and to determine what it is they are called to do. So, instead, they often look at what the church down the street is doing, or what the church that puts on the ‘hot conference’ is doing – and they will copy them. All along they miss out on the blessing of doing what perhaps only they could have done in their community. Over an extended period of time, no organization can be effective without figuring out which things are the right things for them to do. ‘Alignment’ is the key here. Organizational alignment occurs when the component parts of an organization are pointed in the same direction. What are the component parts? They include physical assets like people and facilities, and even intangibles like vision, philosophy, beliefs, values, and strategies. When alignment is in place, people will know the right questions to ask, the right projects to pursue, and the right decisions to make, because everyone involved knows and understands what’s really important.

This seminar will help you understand organizational alignment and how to make it happen in your organizational context. We will look at a paradigm for organizational planning that can be a very effective vehicle for creating organizational alignment.

Note: This seminar may be accompanied by an workshop addendum in which church leaders and members are facilitated through exercises that equip them to think about alignment and to actually develop aspects of church alignment.

Clarity: Establishing and Communicating Vision

Nothing is any more frustrating to a leader than pouring his or her heart out, trying to communicate their idea of vision for the organization, and realizing that it doesn’t take. The fact is that good communication has to be very targeted, Different people hear things different ways. So how can you move your congregation forward if the members and participants don’t hear what leadership is saying about the church’s direction? The simple answer is ‘It can’t.’” Let’s face it –you don’t move forward without your people moving with you!

This seminar will help the church to better understand a) how to vary its communication about the church’s direction, in order to get maximum impact, and b) how to better hear what church leadership is trying to communicate.

Building a Culture for High-Performing Teams – 5 Days

Everyone knows that two heads are better than one, and three hands are better than two – if they are truly working together. Teamwork is crucial in the church. However, teams don’t just happen. Building teams takes an understanding of why and how teams are more productive, and a willingness to do the work to develop a great team. It may be tough, but the benefits of ‘teaming’ are well worth the effort required. But teams take time to develop, and they should go into it knowing what to expect. When we can 'normalize' those truly natural stages, and help members learn to anticipate them, team members will likely be better able to handle them, and they can hopefully work through them more quickly.

This seminar looks at the natural stages of team development, and the obstacles to becoming a great team, and how to overcome those obstacles. We also take a look at the nuts and bolts of what it takes to build a team in a congregational context.

Note: Team health & personality assessments (at a nominal charge) may also be used to help the church evaluate its ‘team’ing culture’.
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