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Generating Better Alignment

Organizational alignment occurs when the component parts of an organization are pointed in the same direction. What are the component parts? Well, just about everything. The people and the physical assets are component parts. Even the intangibles like philosophy, beliefs, values, and vision are component parts.

This book is really about organizational alignment and how to make it happen in your organizational context. The best way for an organization to have alignment is to intentionally create an overall framework that facilitates and preserves it.

We will look at some not so new ideas in a new way. We will see how organizational planning, with great intentionality, can be a primary vehicle for organizational alignment. We will look at a paradigm that will hopefully drive a new perspective about organizational planning. Within the paradigm, an organization develops its own unique process, designed to fit its organizational context.

While we will place more emphasis on planning and execution in a congregational context, these principles will work in any organization—for profit and not for profit.

We will advocate a consistent corporate language around planning for the organization.

We will identify four key dimensions of planning - visionary, missional, strategic and tactical- that should be viewed sequentially and that should facilitate a consistent direction for the organization.