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Our Clients

Some of our clients include:

  • Carolinas HealthCare System
  • Carolinas Rehabilitation Center
  • Levine Cancer Center
  • Carolinas Medical Center
  • Carolinas HealthCare Patient Services
  • Carolinas Health Care Human Resources
  • Dickson Advanced Analytics
  • Carolinas Health Continuing Care
  • Brockenbrough & Associates Engineering
  • North Carolina Office of the State Auditor
  • Netsertive Digital Marketing
  • Western NC United Methodist Conference
  • South Carolina United Methodist Conference
  • Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
  • Brooks Holding Company / Logistics Supply
  • Siena Hotel / Plaza Associates
  • Pureflow, Inc.
  • Forest Pointe Church
  • NC Department of Health & Human Services
  • Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools
  • Life Cycle Engineering


Our time with Bud Wrenn focusing on organizational health principles and practices allowed our organization to tap into its intellectual capital and talent like never before. We are seeing organizational transformation right before our eyes.

Steve Burr, Sr Vice President, Carolinas HealthCare System

Our time with Bud was a huge step in our moving from being a group toward becoming a high-functioning team...We are already seeing the benefits of our work together. Team members are excited about growing together.

Eric Smith, CEO, Brooks Holding Company

Thank you for an amazing couple of days! That's probably the most productive feedback & honest dialog I've experienced in our team setting. I'm excited about where we're going together!

Peter Cassidy, Vice-President/Administrator, Carolinas Rehabilitation Mount Holly

We have worked with Pinnacle Consulting and Bud Wrenn through multiple, multi-day sessions, focusing on critical topics such as team health (using "The Five Dysfunctions" as a framework), building deeper trust, and driving performance as a senior leadership team. Bud has helped us to enhance our capabilities to lead our fast-growing company to the next level and stay focused on critical areas. I am certain that this has strengthened our team and helped illuminate new opportunities for us. I strongly recommend Pinnacle and Bud, a strong professional with an effective communication style, great command of the material, and the experience to help us make it impactful in our context.

Brendan Morrissey, CEO, Netsertive Digital Marketing

It is difficult to put into words how Bud Wrenn has positively impacted the work of our conference leadership team In this year of implementing the principles of healthy teams, Bud has been an attentive student of the way we have been functioning and a reliable guide and catalyst for the needed change process. The work has been challenging, no doubt, but we are beginning to see the fruit of the effort as we work "across the silos" in ways we never have before. We are learning together what it means for the annual conference to have a mission strategy, and how conference leadership supports District Superintendents in implementing that strategy in their districts.

Kathy James, Director of Connectional Ministries, South Carolina United Methodist Conference

The session was well-facilitated, with the team members being highly engaged.

Scott Jones, Vice President, Facility Executive CMC Mercy CHS Central Division

Bud helped us identify our dysfunctions and coached us on how to address and overcome them...We have successfully embedded our thematic goal and core values throughout all levels of our organization, and have already seen evidence of sustainable growth and profitability.

Anthony Carey, General Manager, Siena Hotel

One of my fears was that the session would be a waste of time. It was anything but. Bud's style as trainer/facilitator was very effective in making the information come alive and foster a safe environment. The material helped me in the CHV/CCHS arena, but also in my professional development. Thank you for job very well done.

Christine Martin, Chief Financial Officer, Cleveland County HealthCare System

Wish I could tell you how much of an impact our 2 days with you had…and I have seen us holding each other more accountable. Can't thank you enough for pushing us out of comfort zones….we really needed those days with you.

Vicki Reich, Assistant Vice President, Levine Cancer Institute Radiation Oncology

I think it was a great start with our fledgling team and appreciate your role in helping us move forward as a team.

Spencer Lilly, Division President, Central Group and President at Carolinas Medical Center

Bud has consulted with our leadership team to help us clarify our focus and gain maximum effectiveness in our mission. The results have been remarkable. I have utilized a variety of people and processes over the past five years seeking the same results, but this has been by far the most productive!

Lynn Sasser, Executive Leader, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

We really enjoyed the session and the feedback was very positive…. Thanks again for your help, it is already paying dividends and was a valuable investment.

Robert Larrison, President, Carolinas Rehabilitation

All of our senior staff enjoyed reading The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Bud's review of the principles and the guided discussion was very beneficial, as it resulted in several team members opening up and sharing information that had been bottled up…. Bud's discussion of our team's assessment of where we were on the Five Dysfunctions was also very revealing and identified areas where we needed more work.

Dr. Don Martin, Superintendent, Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools

Bud has an uncanny ability to engage all participants regardless of any preconceived notions they may have regarding "another one of those things management is making us do." Whether your team is "healthy" or "dysfunctional", it will gain strength and focus from your time with Bud.

Anita T. Vaughn, Plaza Associates, Inc

It is a transforming experience for me and a group of high-achieving individualists, who are coming together as a power team that functions with one voice and in an atmosphere of evolving trust & accountability.

Meredith Mullins, Vice President & Administrator, Levine Cancer Institute

Pinnacle Coaching and Consulting has been a PINNACLE experience for us! Bud Wrenn has done extraordinary work with us to increase the effectiveness of our staff individually and as a total organization.

Ray Hardee, Pastor, Forest Pointe Church

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